Frequently Asked Questions about Ozone Generators

Generally 3 to 10 hours
will kill most odors with a properly sized machine for the area being treated. We specify the coverage that can be treated for each of our machines.

Mold is difficult to kill
so it needs to soak in an ozone rich environment for many hours. The mold grows in layers and it is killed in layers. It is like letting your pots and pans soak in soapy water over night. We recommend each room be ozoned for at least 30 hours.

We specify the area of coverage
for each of our machines. Those ratings are differentiated for treatment of either odors or mold.

Generally our machines are shipped
via UPS and average $17 to $20.00 for ground shipping. Air shipment can be substantial more.

Yes, you normally can,
as long as there is a closed door or equivalent between you and the ozone. But, if the ozone is still annoying to you, treat the house while you are away.

Mold is tough to kill.
Many people try bleach, but find that the mold comes back in a few weeks. Ozone is one of the best methods to use because it can kill mold on the surface of things as well as mold spores that have become airborne. Just use a properly sized ozone machine in the room needing treatment and let it run for approximately 30 hours, vacant of people pets or plants, shut if off and wait a couple of hours before you reoccupy the room.

Generally 3 hours is sufficient
to kill most odors in vehicles, overnight for mold issues. Let the car air out for an hour or so and check to see if the problem still persists, if so repeat the treatment. If you’re detailing your car, make sure you run the ozone before you shampoo the carpets, as the humidity from the wet carpets can damage the ozone generator.

Ozone production has nothing to do
with the size of the fan. It is determined by the area of the ozone plates and the voltage of the transformer used to produce the ozone. The fan is used merely to help get the ozone out of the machine into the room where it can more readily mix with the ambient air. For all practical purposes the same amount of ozone would be produced in the ozone machine whether it had a fan or not.

it will not effect the machine and ozone will still be produced.

You should not
run your machine in high humidity because it can cause arcing inside the machine and destroy it, voiding your warranty.

Normally 3 to 4 times
a year is sufficient. Once cleaned, ozone production will be restored to like new, but eventual the plates wear out (a couple of years or so) and need to be replaced.

Most of ours are
$20 for a pair of two.

Some of our plates are
made out of ceramic, others are silicone composite. Both types use stainless steel grids, which are easily cleaned with water, ammonia or denatured alcohol. (Alcohol is the easiest)

Yes Ozone is not
safe to breathe in high concentrations, so we recommend that ozone only be used in areas not occupied by people pets or plants, unless it is a model with very low ozone output, that complies with the EPA guidelines. This can easily be accomplished by running the ozone while you are away for the day.

Yes we do.
It will be on the website soon. If you need one, just call us, we have them ready to ship.

Yes, if the concentration
of ozone is high enough. A reputable study that we have looked at shows that it takes an ozone concentration of approximately 100 ppm to kill bed bugs. That is a lot of ozone and most machines being offered on the internet for that application are not powerful enough to reach that concentration in a normal size bedroom. The effectiveness of ozone for this application is further hampered by the bed bug’s mobility. If at all possible the bed bug will leave the ozone environment as the concentration builds and becomes more annoying to the bed bug. But if you use a large enough machine, let it run long enough to get the concentration above 100 ppm and make sure the bed bugs can not escape, the ozone can offer a 100% kill.

if they can be contained in the ozone environment and not escape to safety.

ozone has been used for medical purposes since the sixteen hundreds, with varieng degrees of success, but most of them have not been approved by the FDA and until they have been studied sufficiently, we do not recommend such use. It has been reported numerously that ozone is used widely in other countries like Germany for treating many medical problems including cancer.

just call us with your orders as our shopping cart only accepts USA orders. We normally ship to Canada via the USPS or, if you like, we can put you in touch with a dealer near you who has them in stock.

just call us with your orders as our shopping cart only accepts USA orders. We normally ship to Canada via the USPS or, if you like, we can put you in touch with a dealer near you who has them in stock.

You can purchase a machine if it is not for home use. Contact us for a list of industrial distributors near your business that handle our machines.

just call us with your orders as our shopping cart only accepts USA orders. We normally ship to foreign countries via the USPS. We can supply the machine in your native voltage at a slightly higher price, and you just need a voltage outlet adapter.

just contact us for details. We have a number of options available for entrepreneurs, and it does not require a huge cash outlay. We have many small businesses reselling our products.

Our machines are manufactured in the USA.
We manufacture as many of the internal parts as we can, and purchase the remaining ones in the USA, if possible. Sometimes certain electronic parts are only available from foreign suppliers, however. We do all the assembly and repair in our factory here in New Hampshire, where we can control the quality, using US citizens and we are proud of it. We get offers once a month to move our manufacturing off shore. That might be good for our bottom line, but not so good for our employees.

We used to rent from our factory, but it turned out that by the time most people rented it and finally got it returned, they could have purchased it outright for the same cost.

It is so easy anyone can do it themselves. If you need help, we can gladly tell you what to do when you purchase one of our machines.

We are competitive with all reputable
ozone manufactures that we know of. If they are substantially less in price, chances are they are lying about their ozone output. Some dealers purchase ozone machines or components made by Chinese manufactures that rate their machine’s ozone output using pure oxygen as the source gas, instead of the normal air that we breath.

Pure oxygen ratings are 5 times higher than the ratings using normal air. Since we rate our machines they way you actually use them, i.e. in air, it looks like our machine is expensive when comparing ozone outputs. Reputable Chinese manufactures are now starting to give both ratings, i.e. 1000 mgph using oxygen, but only 200 mgph using air. They are also publishing life expectancy also, which is typically 500 hours ( that is about 3 weeks of use). Unfortunately most of the US resellers are refusing to pass along this information to the consumer.

Yes in some areas.
Give us a call and we can provide specifics.

Yes in some areas.
Give us a call and we can provide specifics.

If you are just trying
to get rid of odors, you can do it easily if you have forced air heating or AC. If so just place the ozone near a cold air return, turn it and the heat or AC fan on, and let the ozone be drawn into the cold air return and blown out into each room of the house. It is best to do this while the house is vacant of people pets and plants. You can also do this by putting the ozone machine in the center of the house, open all the internal doors, shut all the external doors and windows and let it run while you are away for the day. For best results use a machine like our FM-14 or bigger since you will be treating a large area.

Set it near a cold air return so the ozone can be drawn into the duct work when the heating or AC fan is turned on. It will deodorize and kill mold and bacteria in the duct work in a surprisingly short time.

Yes, ozone is heavier than air
so it will tend to stay in the basement. If you smell ozone upstairs and it is offensive to you, either close off any heating or AC return vents in the basement, or try running the machine while you are away. Many of our machines are equipped with timers just for that reason.

It is usually less problematic
to deodorize the restaurant at night, while it is unoccupied, so it is odor free at the start of each day. We have several restaurants using our PT101-2K since it can be microprocessor controlled, but the management takes care not to let the ozone level get too high and annoying to any of the guests. In such an application, not being able to smell the cooking odor or the ozone is an ideal scenario.

Yes, and it is probably the only thing that does.
Just put the ozone machine and your gear in a small closet, shut the door and let it run for several hours. You can also put your hockey gear in a plastic bag and direct the ozone output of our machine into the bag, getting the ozone concentration up as high as possible.

Ozone is becoming the newest weapon to get an edge in the woods. We offer a machine to deodorize your clothing and hunting gear prior to entering the woods for the hunt. We will soon be offering a new product to be used during the hunt to keep the hunter invisible to the nose of the deer or turkey.

ozone was widely used in Katrina to kill mold and mildew. As the temperatures warm up, mold will become a big issue on the east coast. If you have friends and family effected by “Sandy” make sure they know about ozone, whether it is our machines or someone else’s.

ozone is great at killing smoke and other odors. It doesn’t just cover up the odors, it kills them for good. Just run a machine like our PRO-44 or, the PRO-8 if you move a lot of vehicles, for 1 to 3 hours inside the car and then shampoo and clean as usual

You can often add hundreds, even thousands of dollars value to the vehicle with that simple process. We just repaired a PRO-8 from 2012 for an auto dealer that had over 1230 hours on it. Figuring 2 hour or less, each for detailing, that machine may have deodorized over 600 trade-ins. If that raised the value by only $200 per car, that would be $120,000 or close to a 10,000 % ROI.