Maintaining Your Jenesco Ozone Generator

Maintenance of our ozone generators is limited to keeping the input filter and the ozone plates clean. This is easily accomplished and is usually only needed every 2 to 3 months of use.

Input filter

This is a white filter that is located on the input side of the machine in front of the fan, so that it filters the air before it reaches the fan or the ozone plates.

To clean, unplug the ozone machine and simply pull the filter out through the large hole using your fingers. Wash it with soap and water let it dry thoroughly and reinsert it between the cover and the fan guard. It only needs to be done when it appears dark gray or black from the accumulation of dust.

Ozone plates

The ozone plates are key components of the ozone machine and need to be kept clean for maximum ozone production. They are made of ceramic (Al-Ni) or silicone composite and stainless steel. If you notice the smell of ozone coming out of the machine is no longer as strong as it was, it is time to clean the plates.

To clean, unplug the ozone machine; and remove the side panel on the output side of the cover, by removing the two mounting screws. (The Pro-8 has four mounting screws.) Grasp the ozone plates with your fingers and slide them out of the machine. They are spring loaded.

Wash each plate with soap and water or alcohol using a stiff non-metallic brush to scrub the wire mesh clean. (Old tooth brush works well). Air dry or use a hair dryer. Next clean the contact area of the flat stainless steel springs with a Q tip moistened with alcohol. Re-install the plates between the springs, as they were originally. Reinstall all of the screws on the side panel, plug it in and recheck the ozone output.

The smell of ozone coming out of the machine should return to the original level that it was when you purchased the machine.

If it doesn’t, it is time to replace the plates.

Note: If you have a machine that has a top grill on the input, you just need to loosen the thumb screw, remove the grill and pull the plates out from the top. Pay attention to how they are mounted so you put them back in the same place. Replace the grill and the thumb screw. Make sure the thumb screw is in all the way, or the machine will not turn on.

Replacement filters and ozone plates are inexpensive and can be ordered on-line or by phone by calling us at 603-673-4830.

Maintaining the DC-12

The DC-12 has an ozone cell inside that needs to be cleaned approximately every six months.

This is easily accomplished by blowing compressed air through the holes in the end caps of the housing to dislodge any dust that may have accumulated on it.

First unplug the power cord, then use a can of compressed air like the type used to clean your computer keyboard.

These are readily available in the electronics department of major retailers.

Remove the input filter, clean it with soap and water and let it dry thoroughly before re-attaching it to the DC-12.

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