Ozone Machines

Both the FM-14 and PRO-44 model Ozone Machines are used commercially by automobile detailers. They place the ozone machine on the dashboard, vacate the vehicle, close all the doors and windows, and let the ozone generator run for several hours until all objectionable odors are gone.

Often mold and mildew odors are present in the air conditioning ducts. This is particularly noticeable when the air conditioner is first switched on.

Simply turning on the air conditioner during this ozone machines treatment allows ozone to penetrate the duck work and eliminate these odors as well.

This technique also works well for boats, storage units, camping tents, RVs, or trailers.

Our ozone machines also work quite well for other applications around the home or office, like:

  • sanitizing clothing
  • killing mold in the basement or crawl space
  • killing bacteria and virus
  • removing smoke, cooking, or body odors

We have several models to chose from. Check them out.