Your PoolZone Ozone Treatment for Pools is easy, safe and effective

Owning a pool can be a delightful, but costly proposition. Once you cover the installation cost, you need to add in the electrical cost of running the filter, chemicals to maintain the PH and phosphates, controlling the clarity and algae, plus Chlorine tablets and granulated shock to keep it bacteria free.

There is regular maintenance such as daily vacuuming, chemical testing, removing leaves and floating insects, adding chemicals, chlorine and shock. But trust me it is worth it on those hot sunny days!

Chlorine seems to be the biggest headache. It burns the eyes, both in and out of the water. It bleaches out swimsuits, deteriorates and bleaches out vinyl liners. It leaves a toxic odor on hands and body, and can literally bring you to your knees when you open a bucket of tablets and take a deep breath of the gas inside.

It is very effective at killing germs and bacteria, but remember Chlorine and mustard gas were used in WW 1 to kill and injure over 1 million humans.

Luckily there is a much safer alternative to Chlorine, namely……. Ozone. It is hundreds of times more powerful than chlorine and 3000 times faster at killing germs and bacteria.

Did you know Ozone is used to sanitize almost all bottled water sold in the USA, tap water in several major cities from Orlando to Dallas to LA, and even municipal size swimming pools? In fact some of the 1996 Olympic swimmers refused to compete in the Atlanta pool until it was converted from Chlorine to ozone.

Ozone sanitizing equipment is readily available today for private pools. It consists of an ozone generator that delivers ozone into the supply line coming to and from the filter through a venturi or mazzei injector. I can cost $600 to $1500, or more if air dryers, holding tanks and ozone removal filters are included, plus another $1500 and up for a licensed professional installation. This upfront cost compared to merely adding tablets in your skimmer basket makes it a bit too expensive for most homeowners.

Luckily there is an easier way to ozonate your pool…the Poolzone 2000!

It feeds ozone through a small silicone hose directly into the pool.

There is no need for professional installation. just plug it in and drop the hose and bubbler into the pool.

The PoolZone 2000 will sanitize an in ground pool up to 20,000 gallons.

It is PH neutral and eliminates 80 to 95% of chlorine usage. Note: a small amount of chlorine is still required to kill algae (0.05 ppm). One or two tablets a week or a couple gallons of liquid shock should be enough.

It will not leave any residue or odor. Swimsuit fading, red eye, and rashes can be eliminated.

Unused dissolved ozone eventually turns back into oxygen, and remains in the pool until it is saturated.

Undissolved ozone is released into the outside air, where its concentration become negligible.

Ozone decomposes oils, organic substances, and other contaminates by oxidation and precipitates it out of suspension, so it is more readily filtered, thus you achieve the clearest water imaginable.

It also works particularly well for above ground pools, as the savings in chlorine purchases can more than pay for the cost of the Poolzone 2000.