Remove Odor in Clothing and Other Fabrics with an Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are being used by many progressive dry cleaners for fire and smoke restoration of clothing and fabrics.

According to an article published by the Chicago Tribune entitled Smart Solutions – Cheaper: Rid clothes of odors without big price tag, you can pay a dry cleaner $15-$30 per garment to get rid of odors or do it yourself, in about a week, using lemon rinds, Or, you could remove odors from your clothing yourself – overnight – by putting our inexpensive DC-12 in your closet.

They use a small room; similar in size to a typical clothes closet with a door so the ozone can be contained inside. The garments are hung in the room, with the ozone machine positioned up on a shelf. Ozone is heavier than air so it will eventually fall to the floor, treating the fabrics along the way.

Often a small circulating fan is used in the room to gently increase the airflow. The clothes are separated and all plastic wrap is removed so the ozone is able to freely circulate in and out of the clothing.

The ozone generator is then operated for a few hours or even a few days depending on the strength of the odor. When the clothes are finished and the machine shuts off, they’re left for a while to air out while the ozone turns back into O2, the oxygen that we all breath.

A common choice is our PRO-4. The price is so low, it usually pays for itself in a matter of weeks, if they are an established firm. After that, it earns extra profits every time it’s used. The shop owner soon discovers new sources of revenue, like deodorizing hockey pads ( whew..), skates, and shoes.

Betty Feather, Department of Textile and Apparel management-University of Missouri Extension points out that carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing can often be saved following a house fire.

“Professional fire restorers and some dry cleaners use a deodorizing process that actually breaks up the smoke molecule to eliminate the odor. This deodorization process is called the ozone treatment. The ozone treatment produces an oxidizing agent that creates the same sweet smelling air associated with a rain storm.

Household deodorizing products are temporary relief methods. Deodorizing with perfumes, aerosol sprays, and disinfectants generally only mask the smoke odor. The smoke odor will still remain after the spray or perfume evaporates. In addition, deodorizing sprays may interact with smoke odor and create an additional odor.

Clothing and other textile items should be deodorized before they are cleaned: otherwise, the smoke odor could be set in the fabric.

Sometimes professional fire restorers will put larger items like upholstered furniture and other textiles under a tent and treat them with our PRO-8 ozone generator. Its high output speeds up the process, and insures the ozone penetrates deep into the upholstered fabric. If the furniture can be salvaged, it can mean huge savings to the homeowner, and the price charged by the restoration company is usually well worth it.

Sometimes the company can recoup the cost of the PRO-8 in just one job.

Of course I hope you don’t ever have to deal with recovering from a house fire, but now you see the remarkable power of ozone.

Imagine how you can put it to work for you around the house.

A good all around ozone generator like our PRO-4 would make a good choice to deodorize garments or fabrics in your own home. Once you own one, you can deodorize your spring wardrobe as it emerges from winter storage, or treat any of these other odors right in your own closet.

  • Moth balls
  • Fabric softeners
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Perfume
  • Pet odors
  • Cooking odors
  • Incense
  • Skunk spray

Just make sure you removed any plastic wrap and the clothes are spread out a little so ozone could circulate freely between the fabrics. Set the ozone generator on the top shelf and let it run for a few hours. You’ll be amazed at the clean fresh smell.

How much money is wasted sending items to the dry cleaner when they merely need to be deodorized?

There may be odors in your clothing or other fabrics ou don’t smell because you’ve become so accustomed to them. Visitors to your home will certainly pick up the odors, but they aren’t likely to tell you, out of politeness. This is very common in homes with pets. Ask any real estate agent.

If you have a hockey player in the family, you already know how bad body odor can build up in the pads and helmet since they can’t be washed without ruining them.

I bet you already make sure the hockey gear stays out of the house. Good choice!

High schools are taking extra precautions with their athletes as a result of the growing concerns about staph infections as numerous MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) cases are being confirmed around the country. The use of hand creams and athletic wipes have become increasingly important. Sebastian River High School in Florida expanded its efforts to clean its athletic equipment with an ozone generator system that kills 97 percent of the bacteria that causes skin irritations such as staph infections.

At least 5 NFL teams and 22 NHL teams use ozone to sanitize their gear using this $20,000 system that holds six shoulder pads and seven helmets. The sanitizing box fills with ozone and suffocates the bacteria and eliminates the odors.

You can protect your athlete and eliminate these odors for much less, with your own PRO-4. Just set the Pro-4 inside a big plastic bag, along with the athletic gear. Set the timer for 3 or 4 hours, turn it on high and close up the bag. When the ozone machine stops running, the gear will be sanitized and odor free.

Of course, ozone generators have many other uses around the home, like killing mold, mildew and airborne bacteria, all of which can create serious health issues for your family. Once it’s unoccupied, you can deodorize and sanitize each room, one by one, with an ozone shock treatment.

Same thing with the automobiles.

When you combine all these benefits with the ability to deodorize your family’s clothing, it makes good sense to buy an ozone generator. Make sure your home and everything in it, not only smells clean and fresh to you, but also to your visitors.

Why not give it a try, risk free and put the PRO-4 to work for you?