Remove Odors From Rooms

Too much party? Stale beer, alcohol and smoking smells?

Easily remove smoke and other odors from your rooms with a single ozone treatment!

Smoke damage, caused by fires, or smokers – what do you do to rid the rooms of the odor? Depending on the amount of damage done and the cause you might have to call in a remediation specialist.

An Insurance restoration expert quoted in an article published by the Gaylord (Michigan) Herald Times entitled When claims happen: Restoring personal property after a fire said: “I utilize an ozone generator to eliminate odor in most items. This works by actually changing the molecular structure of the odor producing molecule, therefore eliminating the odor.”
You can remove the odors yourself by putting our FM-14 to work,.

Smoke damage from a fire is another problem, because there will probably be other clean up to do as well such as water damage, possible mold, and of course the fire damage. Water and mold damage are discussed in other sections so let’s stick to the age old question of how do I get rid of the odor. Ozone generators are the answer.

If you have had a small fire such as a cooking fire you know how hard it is to rid everything of the smoke smell. It seems to linger everywhere – even after you have cleaned everything. You have cleaned, cleaned some more and maybe even painted and still you smell the lingering odor. So now, along with the smell of smoke you have chemical smells and paint fumes. Do you throw out everything? Do you replace everything? Is your insurance going to pay for it all? Do you really have to strip a room and start over? The very easy way to rid yourself of all of it is to run an ozone generator in each unoccupied room. No more muss and fuss. And best yet, no more odor. No excessive costs from a remediation specialist and no closing rooms off for an extended period of time while redecorating.

Smoke damage caused by a smoker will include everything in the room — and everyone hates the stale smoke odor.

Have you ever opened the door and have the smell of stale smoke hit you in the face? Most hotels, bars and restaurants use special filters or heavy duty fans to suck out the smoke in their smoking sections, but they do not remove all of the odors. The ways to rid rooms of the smell are to wash everything down, prime and paint the room, clean the carpet, and/or redecorate.

Do you have a professional cleaner come in? Replace the furniture and carpet? How much time and money do you want to spend to remove those stale smoke smells? How many cans/bottles of air refresher, carpet refresher or Fabreeze will you use?

Trying to sell your home?
An article written by Marcie Geffner of entitled Real: Stinky house will foul sales prospects said: “…your house has to look a little better, smell a little better and be priced a little better than the other houses the buyer will look at that same day.”, and “…Some topically applied solutions can reduce the stench, but an ozone generator, hydroxyl generator or air scrubber should be more effective”. (emphasis added)
Our best ozone generator for home odor removal is priced to sell

Even the odor left behind by the worst smokers can be removed by running an ozone generator in each unoccupied room. To save yourself much time and effort, you can run an ozone generator in each unoccupied room. No more need for all those other products, so you save money and time. You have no need to redecorate or replace furnishings.

Many people develop allergies to the smoke smell and will complain if they get a whiff of it. You do not want to make it harder on yourself or your staff by having the smoke smell hanging around.

If you run a hotel, restaurant or bar, having customers complain or having expensive down time can be a real problem. Saving time and money to remove the smoke odor is a a must.

Using an ozone generator is a much cheaper and simpler way to remove smoke odors. You can even use it everyday to keep your place odor free and you will never open the door to stale smoke again.

Many dry cleaners are using ozone generators to remove smoke from clothing and soft furnishings. It is surprising to learn that many carpet cleaners are using them as well.

With the newer, stricter, no smoking laws many hotels, restaurants and bars will have to clean up the odors to please their customers. Most will use ozone generators to help them with the clean up.

Many already use them for removal of other odors such as vomit, stale beer, or perfumes from their rooms. It is easy to use, a money saver, and does the job quickly thus saving them costly redecorating, down time for rooms or remediation specialists.