What Jenesco Customers Say About Our Products

We realize that hearing about how wonderful our ozone generators and air purifiers are only from us – might not be proof enough for you. We couldn’t agree more! The proof of how good an Jenesco air purifier is…is in the happy, satisfied customers.

Read below to learn what our customers think about our ozone generators and air purifiers.

That unit works great!
Ken, That unit (Fm-2) works great! It took all the foul odors (mold, musty smells and cat urine) away quickly to the best of my sences thoroughly. Thanks! I have already told some of my friends.

Sincerely, Jeff Holder, owner Holder Properties and “WeDO” Windows & Carpets

So glad I decided to purchase
So glad I decided to purchase the FM-1 ozone machine. I bought my daughter a used car in June. It had belonged to a smoker and the dealership had sprayed something even more horrible smelling to try to mask the smoke odor.
I had the upholstery cleaned and replaced the floor mats. It only helped a little.
I did research on the internet and found Jenesco. Have used the FM-1 twice inside the car for a few hours at a time. It now smells fresh and clean all the time. I’ll continue to use the machine periodically to keep it fresh smelling. Thanks for a great product that actually performs as promised.

Christine Willis

Made a 40–year–old fishing boat smell like new
Dear Sir/madam, I am sending you this mail to give you a positive testimonial from an overseas costumer. I purchased an Ozone generator from you and patiently waited for its arrival as you had to make the generator fitted for the 240V el. system here in Norway.
I needed the Ozone generator to ‘clean up’ some odor in my boat that is an older fishing boat converted to pleasure boat. Even though I high pressure cleaned the inside of the boat hull. There was still some odor from older biological substances, it still smelled like a fishing boat.
Finally receiving my Ozone generator, I treated the boat for 3 day only, this as a start, after the first 24 hours of treatment I could smell a great difference. After 3 days it was like a new boat. I then waited a few months, working inside the boat to modify it. Then I started a 2 weeks Ozone treatment that ended up with an outstanding result. Even if the boat is more that 40 years old, the smell is now like a new wooden boat inside the hull. It smells like a wooden boat should smell, a mix of fresh wood, turpentine, tar and paint. Thanks to the Ozone generator I received from you, the old fishing boat odor is history.

Sincerely, Kjell-M. Ronaes, Norway

I received the Pro-8 yesterday
Ladies and Gentlemen: I received the Pro-8 yesterday as promised. It was packed very well, and I was very impressed with the workmanship. Good materials, good-quality components, and efficient simple design. It is a fine example of Yankee ingenuity and craftsmanship. It brings me back to my childhood in the 1950s, when Made in the USA was the best you could get. If it works as good as it looks I will be extremely pleased. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Jon Christopher Brown, Ph.D.

My wife owns a 112 year old building…that frequently experiences mold and mildew problems
Dear Ken, Just a note to say how satisfied we are with the FM-1 Ozone Generator we purchased from Jenesco in December 2007. My wife owns a 112 year old building in South Louisiana that frequently experiences mold and mildew problems. We run the machine when we are not there and the difference is quite remarkable. In addition your assistance and advice after the sale has been excellent.

Yours truly, Bob H.

“The ozone machine arrived this AM…”
This is just to say that the ozone machine arrived this AM and I couldn’t be more impressed—that was really fast! I would definitely order from this company again. Thank you so much, hope it works!

Take care, Kim